Flood Map Data

Older—But Still Valid—Flood Maps

FEMA transitioned to digitial maps in the early 2000's, but maps going far back as the 1970's are still in about 400 counties.

Community Participation

Determine if a community (i.e. city, town or county) participates in the National Flood Insurance Program

Property Elevation

Determine the property elevation to compare with the local base flood elevation.

Bodies of Water

Determine the distance from the property to nearby lakes, rivers, ponds or coast.


Determine the distance from the property to the coast.

FEMA Flood Maps

FEMA flood maps determine if a property requires flood insurance.


National Flood Data provides comprehensive FEMA and related flood data and flood zone determinations to insurance companies, mortgage lenders and large real estate owners. The services are interacted with by API and allow our customers to make their operations as efficient and automated as possible. We are located in Seattle, Washington. When you call us, we answer the phone.




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