Data Fields Included in the National Flood Data API

The National Flood Data API provides all the necessary data to evaluate a property for insurance or investment.

The National Flood Data API returns the fields below. The first set are those fields provided by FEMA. The second set are provided by other agencies, such as the US Census Bureau or the US Geological Survey.

The API returns the following essential FEMA flood map fields:

  1. Special Flood Hazard Area (True/False)
  2. Flood Zone
  3. Flood Zone Subtype
  4. Flood Insurance Rate Map (DFirm)
  5. Effective Date
  6. Panel Number
  7. Community Number
  8. Community Name
  9. Community Participation
  10. Date of First Community Flood Hazard Map
  11. County FIPS Code
  12. Census Block
  13. Core-Based Statistical Area
  14. Metropolitan Division
  15. Complete LOMA data for LOMAs within three miles

The API additionally provides:

  1. Property Elevation in Feet
  2. Base Flood Elevation where available
  3. Distance to Coastline when less than 20 miles
  4. Distance to Nearest Body of Water
  5. Storm Surge Values along the Eastern and Gulf Coasts
  6. Squarefoot
  7. Year Built
  8. Property Use Description (e.g. residential)
  9. Construction Description
  10. Number of Stories
  11. Fire Resistance
  12. Parking Garage Area
  13. Parking Garage Type


National Flood Data provides comprehensive FEMA and related flood data and flood zone determinations to insurance companies, mortgage lenders and large real estate owners. The services are interacted with by API and allow our customers to make their operations as efficient and automated as possible. We are located in Seattle, Washington. When you call us, we answer the phone.




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