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National Flood Data provides FEMA flood maps to insurance companies.

Many insurance companies choose to use more data than simply whether or not a property is in a special flood hazard area. Some consider distance to any nearby special flood hazard areas, others consider the elevation of the property and the local base flood elevation. Some insurers check the community participation information, while others want a map that they can show their clients.

Every service that National Flood Data offers was built based on a customer need. We work with customers—mostly insurance companies—to provide exactly what they need for how they want to make their own evaluations.


Data collection and analysis in insurance and real estate is increasingly being done by software. This includes evaluating flood risk, estimating the value of a house and even sometimes the decision making for purchasing large numbers of rental properties.

National Flood Data works with a number of data, software and property holding companies to offer the flood data that their systems require.

National Flood Data has worked on multiple projects with industry and academic partners, such as providing the data for the study "Is the Risk of Sea Level Rise Capitalized in Residential Real Estate", The Review of Financial Studies, March 2020.

Flood Zone Determinations

National Flood Data now offers Flood Zone Determinations. Many providers have a strictly automated system for creating flood zone determinations and providers use overseas workers. National Flood Data offers the efficiency of allowing requests by API (i.e. automated requests), but reports are evaluated by floodplain managers in the United States. When a customer has a question about a flood zone determination, we answer the phone.

Please contact us at info@nationalflooddata.com for access to this new service.


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New Features

Every company makes their decisions differently. Some are completely automated and others want to create automated reports for end-users. We're happy to discuss what you want to do and help you figure out how best to do it.


National Flood Data provides comprehensive FEMA and related flood data and flood zone determinations to insurance companies, mortgage lenders and large real estate owners. The services are interacted with by API and allow our customers to make their operations as efficient and automated as possible. We are located in Seattle, Washington. When you call us, we answer the phone.




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